May 29, 2007

Two in day-

So, I have accomplished nothing today in the form of house work! I did however get a phone call from my son's school. He was in the nurses office, begging and pleading for her not to call me....Why you ask?

Last year he was taken off the playground in a wheelchair because his "hip hurt".

A little over dramatic to say the least! But, that is my son for you! Anyhow, I came down to pick him up early from school, (since he was "hurt") and when we hit the front door of the school, he darted out like a bat out of you now where!

We now have strict rules regarding going to the school nurse.
1) He must be profusely bleeding, or
2) An appendage must be hanging by a thread, or 3) A bone is sticking out.

My plan to help him curb his desire for attention worked! Today-he had been playing teatherball and the ball smacked him in the head. School rules are he needs to be checked, iced, documented, and a ohone call home. He was sweatin' bullets since he didn't fit into one of the above mentioned rules!!! I may consider laying off a tad! ;)

Here is one more card from the challenge today!! I think I may have a slight problem!! I can't stop stamping!! I really hope this small saying set makes the new catty. Pin It Now!

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SeattleStamper said...

I adore this card, you did an amazing job and wish I had this set to case you!