July 22, 2007

Huge Thanks to.....

Shannan Tuebner
, Rebecca Grohall, Teresa Shaw, and Lois Rosborough for thinking of me in as a Rockin' Girl! You all rock! It's nice to know someone is out there reading!! When you get a chance, head over to their fabulous blogs and leave them some love!

I have to come up with a few others to honor this badge with, but I am thinking that everyone else has been nominated already!!! ;) I will have to spend a few minutes browsing around to find an unnamed blog to share!!! Check back later for that....I have a few people I am thinking of~

On a side note, I managed to survive my son's sleepover.....However, I have decided I don't *ever* want to be a mom of 9 boys!! OMG! Wow, the energy they all have~ and they just feed off each other like Gremlins! And my 3 year old daughter, managed to keep up with them until about 10 and passed out on one of them watching a movie. She was exceptionally tart last night! They all had fun, glad birthdays are only once a year ;)
I have nothing left in me today!! We are heading out to a pizza dinner with my dad tonight so I don't have to cook!

Maybe sometime this week I will regain some energy and post some of my projects!
Have a super Sunday!

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Silvergirl said...

Hi AJ!

I nominated you again for the Rockin' Girl Blogger... because it's true! Great blog!


Heather said...

LOL, glad to see that you survived the party!! :)