July 24, 2007

May I introduce Gary!

This is my friends son Gary. He was diagnosed about a month ago with Ewings Sarcoma. Not much else really hits you like hearing about a young child facing the battle he is facing. I have started a thread on SCS- and I try to update it there when I here something, and keep it going, for all to see.

This picture of him was taken last week at the one day he was able to attend VBS before going back in for his second treatment of Chemo. Later this day, or the next he had to shave his hair, (if you can tell how short it is, he wasn't phased by it) due to the drugs already taking their toll.
He has already had a feeing tube placed to help with maintaining his weight, something which had become a problem immediately. As you can see, he is happy, and *seems* to be unaffected by all that he is battling.
This is one of those situations that you cannot prepare for, plan for, or try to prevent. When we all found out of his diagnosis, it hit hard. It makes all the little things significantly little, It's all small stuff~ Live your life, love your kids, and make the most of it.

At this point in time, his bone scan is clean, his marrow is clean, and his heart, lungs, and all other organs *seem* to be unaffected. He has a localized tumor the size of a softball attached to his 5th rib. They will be treating him with chemo, surgery, and possibly radiation. They think they have caught it early. **Fingers Crossed!**

I will post updates when I get them from time to time, and will hopefully manage to keep some sort of RAK's flowing to their home. They have already expressed an amazing amount of appreciation for those they have already received. Pin It Now!


bensarmom said...

What a sweet looking boy. It breaks my heart that such illnesses affect kids like this. We're praying for Gary and sent him something to help keep him occupied.

Shannan said...

What a sweet boy. He's in my prayers.

Dottie K said...

Will keep Gary in our prayers. Keep us updated. :)

Princess Matilda said...

Wow, what a brave guy! It is heartbreaking to know things like that happen to such good kids - I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers and hope he makes it through treatment quickly!

Silvergirl said...

Thanks for posting an update on Gary. It breaks my heart that he and his family have to go through this. We're praying for them and will keep the mail rolling in to them so they know they are loved!