July 8, 2007

my oops card, and a game of tag

Okay, so I got a great swap card in the last swap I hosted which had a lady bug on it. And- here's my version.

However, my suggestion if you feel your Real Red needs some re-inking, remove your recently finished lady bug card to another work space. :0 The Real Red re-inker ended up spraying all over my desk, a little bit like the color spritzer should! The little splats of red in the upper right corner....not intentionally put!!!

Anyhow, I think it turned out great otherwise!!

And, I managed to be tagged by Shannan and Emily.....

So here goes!

1. I am not a morning person. The rule in my house is don't talk to mommy before her first cup of coffee.

2. I love to cook! I just don't like to clean up afterwards!

3. I have successfully quit drinking sodas!!

4. I have a *small* coffee addiction.....

5. I like to exercise, I just can't seem to find time in my day to do it!

6. I do not wear makeup....I am too lazy to put it on! Although I do like Bobbi Brown lipstick!

7. I am afraid of cancer. Definitely puts life in perspective.

And here are the lucky contestants!!!

Teresa, Lisa, Sarah, Lori, Robyn, and Heather.

Have a super night!! Pin It Now!


Andrea Walford said...

That's too funny - just as I was busy tagging you, you were already responding to another tag!

Teresa said...

Adorable lady bug card!!!

SeattleStamper said...

Ok, I've posted my tag. After reading your's I can see we have more than stamping in common.

Supercute ladybug!

Shannan said...

Ok, so I think it's hilarious that you've given up sodas but have a *small* addiction to coffee...LMBO. And can we be friends if you don't wear makeup? You know me and sparkles. Hmmmm... I guess so. ;)

Lori Craig said...

Hey there ~ adorable ladybug card! Love reading about 'you'. I am not going to play the tag game right now. I have a few irons in the fire, so to speak! Thanks for thinking of me, though! Hugs, Lori