August 19, 2007

An older card

I am trying to clean out my space, and go through my card samples and swaps, and extra cards just laying around. I am going to make sure they all find a good home.
Any kids cards I will send off to Keiki cards to help them with their task of sending over 400 cards a week to kids around the world with a need for a pick me up. My friend Paula's son is currently receiving cards from them while he undergoes his chemo treatments at Children's.
Do you have any extra kids cards you could send them?? Such a great cause!

Here is one I found that I don't think I ever shared! Pretty basic, polka dots and petals and matching paper! Or is this polka dot paisley? Can't keep them straight!

Thanks for all the tips on cleaning my stampin' scrub, I wouldn't be telling the truth if I had said it's clean!!! I should mention though, I was only having troubles when I was stamping the image from take three, and then "huffing". The huffing seemed to moisten up old inks from days past!!
However, all scrubs, and stamps are going through a rigorous cleaning cycle this week!! Pin It Now!


Angie Tieman said...

Very cute! Love the layout with "3"s, just did one myself on Friday. Also love the echo of "3"s with the little black brads at the bottom! Very cute!

Shannan said...

Too cute! I cleaned too but somehow my room is dirtier than before. Why is that???

Silvergirl said...

What a great card! I love how the circles are halved! Great detail.

Thanks for sharing,

Stephanie said...

Cute card...I'm always looking for ways to use that set! I've never heard of Keiki cards, what a neat organization!