September 3, 2007

Another treat holder...

So, I thought I would play a little more with Halloween stuff~ I am thinking about ordering a Holiday set from the mini, and if I do, I will abuse that set. Then maybe, I will lay off the Halloween theme!

Just another quick and easy treat holder can adapt these to hold anything, pixy stix, candy bars, etc.

Tomorrow is the BIG day...Back to school for my oldest. Which means I will now have to start getting up again. The one perk to vacation, I can sleep in ;)
I am really looking forward to having our schedule and structure back, it works well for the kids.

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Angie Tieman said...

That is pretty darn cute! Is that a candy necklace in there? I used to LOVE those things! Edible that was an invention!

jmniffer said...

That is a cute treat holder, I loved the Batty for you ones too. Any special measurements or a template you could share? Pretty please? Jenny.

Heather P. said...

LOL, you're too funny! I can totally relate to "abusing sets"... I do the same thing! :)

Good luck tomorrow!!! :)