September 7, 2007

I love happy mail!

I love happy mail, and these were both waiting for me yesterday when I got home from picking Will up from school.
The first is a fabulous notebook with my initials and matching pen, accompanied by some yummy wide ribbon!! None only than the ribbon Queen sent it to all of us DSS coordinators - Jody!
She made a journal for each of us~ so very fun!!
What great colors!

The second id from my friends mom in Iowa, she's a bit early, but the kids and I decided to open it anyway! It was a lime margarita themed birthday basket- complete with lime salt, drink mix, maragarita shaped noodles, dip mix, a cheeseball spreader, and margarita ornament. Very fun, I will have to try it out now!!

My husband took yesterday and today off, and while I have plans to stamp things and post them, when he's home he tends to keep my from that!
So we are off to buy a new fridge today. I have a card idea in my head, half of it started, stamps set aside, inks gathered.....and we are fridge shopping! He just doesn't understand! My son is *so* excited to get a new fridge, he gave DH $30 of his earned money to pitch in!!
How funny~ He really wants the one with the water dispenser in the door!! I didn't think 8 year olds really cared about this type of stuff!

Also~ The treat holder I posted earlier in the week, I will add the measurements to it, hopefully later today~ it is super easy, it's more of a time issue of getting it done, and my computer challenged-ness!!

It's a gorgeous day here, mid 70's! Enjoy!! Pin It Now!


Shannan said...

Wow lucky girl!!! That's the cutest journal! And I'll be right there for margaritas!

Dottie K said...

You lucky girl! That is so pretty. What a great gift. Oh that a great birthday gift basket of fun. Enjoy!!!! TFS Hope the fridge shopping went well. :)