October 23, 2007

What a gorgeous week of weather!

We skipped out on Karate yesterday and headed down to the pumpkin patch! It's such fabulous weather this week~ I actually wore capris and sandals to walk Will to school this morning!! It's the end of October people, and I am wearing capris!
Such a change from last weeks weather of thunder/lightning storms, high wind warnings in effect, be prepared for power outages!! We have had some unpredictable weather this year.

Blogger doesn't like my photos from my new camera~ too many pixels I think. I have too chop them way down to fit. But here are a few of the kids enjoying the day. Never fails in any picture with kids....Someone is bound to have their eyes closed, be looking the wrong way, or move too fast and you miss the shot completely!
I apparently do not serve acorn squash very often in our home (more like *never*) my son thought it was a green pumpkin. Ok, I will work on that!! We eat a ton of vegetables, my daughter is almost a vegan~ she asks for peas and carrots for dinner EVERY night. Squash though, I do not care for. Not sure how I can sell it to the kids when I don't eat it....

I am busy working on prepping for a class I have Thursday, and a booth I am doing for my uplines quarterly meeting on Saturday, and swaps for the meeting. A tad nervous about the demo part, but it should be fun still!
Have a super week~ I have lots of new stuff to share when I find a free minute! Pin It Now!


Teresa said...

Wow! Looks like you had a blast! And what cuties Will and Lauren are!!!!!

Angie Tieman said...

What great photos! Looks like a really fun time...and you've got some good stuff to scrapbook!

SeattleStamper said...

It sure looks like you had a blast! It also looks a lot like Spooner Farms. If thats where you went, you were just down the hill from my house. I love the hay bail spiders they make, so cool! These photos would make an awesome fall scrapbook page.