October 30, 2007

Where have you been!?

Happy Tuesday!!
Well at least for me it is, I got to sleep in today, and again tomorrow! Student Led Conferences!! Woohoo! On the down side, I have both kids to entertain and referee!!!

I have been overly busy, it's the time of year ya know. Halloween parties, and classes, booths, daily routine stuff, blah, blah blah!!
So, when I have too much on my plate, my blog is the one that suffers~ Sorry! I don't want to burn out, so something has to give!! I have already given up housecleaning! :)

I wanted to share a few things that I received, the first one is a tin from my upline~ How cute is it!! It's full of candies! It's a 'Republic of Tea' brand tin if your curious, and I think it's adorable!!!

Second is one of the cards I have received from my Secret Sis this month! Love this also~ I need new Christmas sentiments, and I just *heart* the font on this one!

Also, I went to this allergist on Friday~ He gave me some new meds to try, and I will be starting shots here shortly. The new meds are already showing a huge improvement. Yea for me!

I am going to carve pumpkins with the kids today~ (more photo ops) make Halloween cookies, and *hopefully* clean my craft room. I cannot find my desk! I was going to take a picture, but I was far too embarrassed. DISASTER! I have so many ideas I want to try, and I can't!!!

Lastly Denise tagged me, so I will do that as well. Have a great day!! Pin It Now!

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Suzy said...

Love the tin, and the card is so cute!!!

I have posted when my heart wasn;t in it and my cards were just awful. I say quality over quantity anyway, if you are busy you can't have fun making the *perfect* card!