October 31, 2007


What a difference a year makes! The latter is my daughter last Halloween, and the top is this year, (she still fits this shirt!!) look at her hair! Wowsers. She will be four in ten days, and has never had her hair trimmed!

She has been very persistent in not wanting it cut, and I *finally* have her talked in a teeny weeny trim.

By the time she is really ready to let go of it, it will make some young girl very happy I hope!! It is so beautiful, but it also so much work. In the back it literally comes to her but.

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Michelle said...

Ohhh, she's adorable. I can relate to the hair - my daughter usually has long hair but the last couple of years, we cut it off quite short in the Spring / Summer, she's usually good about it & doesn't mind, it's so much easier to manage but than as soon as we cut it all off, it makes me sad! :} So right now we are in transition in growing out the hair AGAIN! My theory is it's only hair & it grows back...fast!

Lauren said...

She is the cutest. Her hair is fabulous! I love it long (with clean cut ends, of course! wink!)

Heather P. said...

WOW, your daughter's hair is gorgeous! Lindsay hasn't had a cut yet, but I've come close! LOL