November 22, 2007

Have a super Thanksgiving!!

While I have nothing new to share at the moment, (I have been on a stamping break!) I thought I would resurface to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am off to get a paper to scope out the ads for tomorrow! Yep, I am heading our at the crack of dawn to shop with the best of them!
It's actually a bit fun if you have no expectations and just go to get our there.

I don't have to cook today, so I am enjoying just being a tad lazy~~

Have a great day!!
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Dottie K said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I know what you mean about shopping. Mine is all done and I head out with my bestfriend and have fun - of course she isn't finished but that's ok we have no expectations and just enjoy it also. Have fun shopping! :)

Becky Carafa said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I am thankful for my online friends.

denise said...

Brave Woman! I hope you had a great dinner and plenty of rest. You'll need it tomorrow fighting the hoards of crazed bargain hunters! Personally, the elbow jab followed with an immediate side step works for me...