November 3, 2007


And step away from the candy basket!!! Ok, so who's freakin' bright idea was it to have Halloween kick off the Holiday Season?

I mean are we not going to be eating a *ton* of food over the next two months? I have gained like 5 pounds eating the candy (because I do not want my kids loading up with too much sugar!!) and I have already dropped off half of it at the police department. Allrighty~ rant over. ;)

So, I am still skipping Scrapbook Sunday and am hoping to get back into getting a few pages done soon!!! Here is another layout from my group meeting last week. I just *LOVE* this snowflake!! I am on the fence with ordering it! It's fabulous!

So, I really need to clean my craft room, it looks like a total disaster and I have been avoiding cleaning it for a while! I can't get ready for my next class without venturing in and at least trying to straighten it's to the point of renting one of those big canisters people have in their yards when they are remodeling, you know what I am talking about right?
I will give it a go later today after church. Which by the way we will not be racing late to since this fabulous Daylight Savings time switch gave me an extra hour!!! Pin It Now!


Shannan said...

So so cute! I totally hear ya on the candy. And wahoo for Daylight Savings Time!!!!

Angie Tieman said...

You are toooo funny today, girl! Ah, that candy curse! My weakness...those special Reeses treats...originally they were just the special Easter egg ones. Now they're all flippin' year...pumpkins and now the Christmas tree ones are here. I cannot say NO to those. And I'm also with ya on the cleaning out the stamp room. My desk is under a pile, I want to stamp, darn! Your Snowflake project is awesome! I don't have it yet, so you're thinking it's a must have?!

Heather P. said...

LOL, too funny! I don't have that problem yet, but Lindsay's only 2 1/2 so I know as time goes on she won't be happy to only go T-O-Ting in my mom's neighborhood (7 houses)... LOL