November 8, 2007

Welcome to the next edition of.....

.....How many different ways can you go at once.

Wow, I cannot believe just how time flies. So, (a day late!) here is my daughters *first* day of preschool!! She is in the pink camo pants. I wasn't going to do preschool this year, or at least the whole year. I had planned on trying to find a spot towards February/March, with the intentions of having her get the idea of school, and be ready for next year. Well, the school she is in is very hard to get in, so I had to jump when this opening came. But, she will be assured a spot here next year. How cute is she? She is so proud!!

So I have a class to prep for tonight, my husband is home sick, Lauren turns four on Saturday, we have an ALL day event planned with the cub scouts Saturday, then drop my son off at another birthday party, CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN for Lauren's party on Sunday, and a youth group event on Monday for 40 kids, which I get to prepare all the crafts for.
So.....I am a tad overwhelmed, hence the title to this post today! Off to get something accomplished! Pin It Now!


dense said...

she is soo cute! and i love her pink camos!! congrats on her accomplishment and good luck with your crazy week!!

Shannan said...

She's sooo cute, AJ! Have a lemon drop, you'll feel better. ;)