December 27, 2007

Merry it was!

We had a great Christmas, and are still trying to come down from the energy high it created!

Here are my future rockers! My daughter is *really* getting into it! Santa brought them rock band. I think my oldest (the husband *wink*) loves it the most!

I am busy with kids, cleaning/organizing, putting away Christmas, and tearing down my stamp room. My husband plans on putting in a new window which just happens to be right in the middle of my space. This is forcing me to do the ultimate cleaning and organizing I so desperately need to do in there! It's a good thing to do while we wait for the fore casted 1-4" of snow!!!

So, hopefully you are all enjoying your down time after the holidays!! Pin It Now!


Kathy said...

Very cool! We don't have our Xbox360 hooked up right now since we moved our HD TV downstairs and I wish they had Rock Band for Wii since it seems fun :-) Have fun playing and isn't it ironic that the biggest *kid* has the most fun playing? My boys wanted to buy daddy lots of Wii games (so they could all play, ya know) for Christmas but I talked them out of it.

Vera Matson said...

Your children are so adorable!

kk said...

What a beautiful family. I hope you all had a great Holiday. I love the A I am definitely added your blog to my favorites.

Michelle said...

What cute kids! I got my nephew Guitar Hero for Christmas, thus retaining my "coolest aunt ever" status! Enjoy your new band!

Elizebeth said...

How fun!

My DH brought rockband home from MS for the Christmas break.....they play it at work at the end of the day, LOL!

Fun times!

denise said...

Your kids are too cute! What a fun day!