December 21, 2007

Some holiday happiness in the kitchen

I love to cook and bake, and my daughter loves to do the same. She is always wanting to help.
Here she is adding some vanilla in to our dough, and wants to know what she can do next!!

She would rather bake than taste test, I had to bribe her to try one, she was worried she was going to miss out on something else if she stopped to eat!

The first batch of cookies are holiday snowballs (they remind me of Russian tea cakes) that we made for my husbands work. They are really easy and yummy!! I love cookies that are like 5 ingredients!

The last batch is the easiest little treat you can make~ I am not sure if there is a name form them, but we make them about 8 different ways. These happen to be pretzels with the candy cane Hershey kisses *slightly* melted on top. YUM!! Everyone in our house loves these!! You can add regular kisses and then an M&M on top, or I use rolos occasionally. (YUM-caramel) It's that mix of sweet/salty. This candy cane one seems to be the fave this year. And they are kind of festive looking! Note~ the candy cane Hersheys kisses melt like 10 times faster than the regular, so about 3 minutes in the oven at 250 is plenty!

Well day number two of winter break, and the kids have started the day the way I had hoped for....fighting!! We went and saw Alvin & the Chipmunks was cute. A teeny bit funny. The kids really enjoyed it. Mr. Magoriums Magic Emporium is at our dollar theater already, we may head up there to take it in today~
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Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

AJ, she's too cute! I'm sure she loved getting to help her mama in the kitchen!

Jeanne S said...

Oh yum!!! Now that's my kind of baking. :)

Sharon Rivera said...

AJ these are absolutely the cutest pictures of your daughter baking! Looks like you had fun.

bettybetty said...

care to share the recipe? love the photos of the doll at the mixer etc..

Donelda said...

oh yum!! I saw those pretzels somewhere last year and meant to make them this year but forgot till I saw this!!!! Gonna have to try them...perhaps with caramels.... mmmmmmm

Heather P. said...

Aww, it looks like she was having fun! I can't wait until my DD is old enough to do more things with me. :)