January 12, 2008

A game of tag, and a RAK!

I was tagged recently by Krystie, Chat, and Dawn Mercedes...

Krystie's involved a detailed list that I don't think I could find enough answers that wouldn't cause you to nap while reading~ would hate for that to happen!! ;)

Here are some random things about me.....

~ I am allergic to everything...EV-ERY-THING!!! Dust, Mold, insect bites/stings, Trees, Grasses, Dogs, Cats, you name it, it makes me miserable. When I found out I was allergic to Dust, I calmly explained to my husband I would no longer be able to clean. :)

~I stamp standing up~ (saw this on Chat's list) I *know* there are more of us out there....I cannot sit down and stamp.

~I am self-diagnosed with OCD. I think my kids are currently helping with my therapy by leaving their CRAP everywhere in the house.

~I LOVE coffee. The stronger the better. My dad thinks it's motor oil I am drinking. I actually drink it for the great taste. Although living in the Seattle area, I cannot stand mocha's. Too sweet for me.

~I have officially quit drinking soda....I used to be addicted to Coke. (The soft drink) and was drinking about 3 a day. (this was after my pot-o-coffee of course!)

~I cannot eat food from a box. Or a drive through....(I know I am weird) I have to cook from scratch at home. I am pretty sure I am freak, and am most comfortable with it now~ but processed foods are no longer welcome on my kitchen.

~I am a spelling fanatic. I can't tolerate misspelled words. Thank goodness for spell check.

~I has Shannan's name spelled incorrectly for God knows how long and she never commented.
She was my big sis too, it's not like I don't know how to spell it!
Don't bother checking, it's already fixed.

~I don't color my hair or wear much makeup....(my allergic skin can't tolerate it anyways) This will be changed this week however....too many grays poking out~ I will get it foiled for the first time in YEARS. I have natural red in my hair, so this is the route I am going to try...wish me luck.

Oh~ the RAK...is from Becky! I love the colors, and I am so wanting to order those darn nestabilities now!!! Here is another random fact...I am cheap. :) My husband has trained me well!!! She sent it as a congrats for being picked my Angela for the USC Team. Isn't that sweet of her!
Thanks Becky!!!!

I will tag Dawn, (since she is just stuck at home being sick!) and Angie~who isn't in my swapping peeps group but should be!! Plus~ it looks like she has been stamping up a storm lately!! Go Angie!! Pin It Now!


Becky said...

Cute card (teehee)! I like reading about other people's randomness, it makes me more comfortable with mine. BTW, Angie was invited, but she turned us down COLD, lol! Maybe she didn't know what a fabulous group it is! JK, Angie.

Shannan said...

Girl you crack me up! lol
And I am so used to my name being misspelled, I don't even notice now. (usually)

Trace Geworsky said...

I LOVE the design of the card.
Thanks for sharing random facts about yourself..I found it comforting to know that I am not the only self-diagnosed OCD..hee hee
Trace G

Dawn Mercedes said...

Great list! Glad you filled it out. I'm sure my mother would love you to pieces as she thinks everything should be home cooked too. And I'm a horrible speller. I live with the dictionary next to me...but that doesn't alway help!

denise said...

You cracked me up with the OCD diagnosis and how your family is "helping" you overcome... BWAAHAHAH! too funny! and Becky- i love the RAK card! super pretty!