February 28, 2008

not much to share....

Just yet~
I have had a busy week, and while I have had one card laid out on my desk since Monday, I haven't actually been working on it since Monday!!
Hopefully I can get it finished up here soon if I get a free moment. I have so many things I want to get busy on, I need life to just stop for a few days~ kwim??

So my daughter is better, and now my son stayed home sick today!! Ear infection.
I hope he is better soon, because I am taking off for a girls weekend at our cabin at the beach Saturday morning.

I will try and update soon with some thing fun! Pin It Now!


Unity Stamp Company said...

CABIN?! BEACH?! Lucky girl? I have a beach down the road from me, but I would not be able to locate one grain of sand due to the SNOW COVER! Have a fun weekend!

Krystie Lee said...

Sorry about the sick kids! Ear infections hurt!

Have a fun weekend!!!

Maren said...

Hope everyone gets healthy over there!