March 24, 2008

Not for the weak

It's not actually *that* bad I guess...However, I did lose a stamp set, so I am thinking a total overhaul is in order! I may have to use a different one for my shoebox swap on Saturday!

Mind you, the stuff on the floor isn't usually there like that~ I pulled most of it out of the closet. And this is the prettiest view I could find!

I actually postponed any projects until I can get this straightened, organized, and put away nicely so that I may find it again someday!

I am thinking this is like a 12 step program...I've admitted I have a problem.
Anyone like to organize? I will be here all day. :)

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Krystie Lee said...

I am looking at the exact same mess right now! I'm having really bad crafter's block, so I thought a craftroom overhaul would help. Good luck!!

mudmaven said...

So what is wrong with the way it is? That's how my stamp room looks (and worse sometimes) all the time. I agree though that when you start losing things it's probably time to get organized - good luck! ~chris

Heather F said...

I just finished organizing my belongings for a big move, and I can't believe how many boxes I labeled for the craft room. My poor boyfriend (we're moving in together) doesn't know what he got himself into!

Becky said...

I laughed at the caption on the picture! I'm kind of starting to go through all my stuff too. Just be brutal!

Heather P. said...

You think this is bad? LOL, then you'd hate to see my room. I need Mission Organization to come over or something! :)

Savor the Journey * TexasGrammy said...

Awwwwww, don't feel bad at all! This merely indicates that you are creative ... and the process keeps you involved rather than "cleaning"! (Ask me how I know!) heh heh

How do you like the tower of drawers straight back in the photo? I've looked at those online previously.


SeattleStamper said...

You have no idea how releived that photo makes me feel. I won't feel so bad when you see my room on Saturday. I will clean it up before then but it's much worse that your photo at the moment. If you find someone to organize it send them south to me when they're though!

Stacy said...

I'm avoiding stamping since my table looks very much like yours. Glad you found the set. I'll be cleaning this weekend. :-)