March 28, 2008

This is springtime???

So first I need to give a huge Thank You to Teresa Shaw for this oh so fabulous card she sent me~
Isn't is just adorable! Love the glittery bunnies.
We used to be so much better with sending RAK's out!!

And then...for those of you who live in the PNW, you know just how odd this is!! This is snow!
(Told you it was really little Angela!!!) These pictures were taken when it first started, there was a total accumulation of *maybe* 1/2" here!

It snowed for 3 hours and my son had rainy day recess because of it!

I hear the outer lying areas got upwards of 6 inches...not sure how accurate that is.

And, I haven't fallen off the earth here~ just busy cleaning/organizing/rearranging and getting ready for my shoe box swap tomorrow.
I will take lots of pictures!! Pin It Now!


Lorie said...

Hey, AJ...I'm in central Washington and we got about 2" of snow today. Crazy!

Anita said...

I work in downtown Seattle and it snowed all day - didn't stick. Then we had cross Snoqualmie which was a total disaster - we have a house in George and it took over 2 hours longer than usual to get here. Needless to say, I'm really sick of winter.

Teresa said...

Glad you like it, AJ! (Psst - the flag is supposed to be straight but I had to adjust it to fit in the envie) ;)

Tex said...

Awwwwwwwww, what darling little pastel bunnies all in a row!


RaeAnne said...

i love the paper choices you picked!