April 26, 2008

It's GORGEOUS today!!!

Wow! the weather today is really making up for the last several weeks of carp. Beeee-u-teee-ful sunny day in the northwest today! Kids are out riding scooters and bikes, playing with bubbles, and generally having a fab time!

Dh and DS went to opening day of fishing today, up at 4:00, so I see that my husband is laying in the back of his truck "watching" the kids outside!
He might need a nap here shortly!

I am cleaning and organizing, AGAIN. When will it end. I am really getting rid of a ton of stuff, and it's nice to pare down. It's the crop tonight, and the class taught by Ali Edwards herself! Yea~
We are meeting for dinner first, then off the scrap the night away!

This card.....by Unity Stamp Company~ (What are we at, like 5 days left to launch!!!)
pretty straight forward stuff here, butterflies are cut out and mounted with dimensionals and *covered* with stickles!!! All in all a very springy card for a day like today!

Adios~ I did manage to get a page done to share with ya manana! Pin It Now!


Simonne said...

Great card, I love the sparkely butterflies. So cute! I hope you guys had a ton of fun last night. Did anyone take pictures??

Teresa said...

Absolutely stunning, AJ!!! I *love* those butterflies!