April 15, 2008

what do you think?

Love the color challenges...and this combo is nice, but I am not diggin' the end result. What do you think???

I am *loving* the martini glass though!
The images come from A Chemistry With Paper, and this is from the set All Year Bag Toppers.
Sharon made this set with a ton of cute little images and sayings that work together.

So....after hobbling around on a bum ankle for 5 days, I decided to check with a professional to make sure nothing was *really* injured! Nope- no real damage, just a narly sprain, and I now get to hobble with the assistance of an air cast. bummer- no running with the help of advil again for a while!

off to see what else I can scare up with this color combo~ Pin It Now!


Susan said...

AJ - It sounds like you could use the martini on the card - LOL! Hope your ankle is feeling better soon. Sprains stink!

Lizette said...

I hope you get well soon !
Great card ! Love the colours and the martini glass too.

Linsey said...

I think it's totally darling! I have a similar mini martini glass from Inkadinkado and I wanna case this card! I love the color combo too! Great job, I love it!