May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

First- Let me congratulate Natalie!!!

She won my blog candy giveaway from my blogoversary!

Shoot me an email with your info so I can get this out to you!!

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Timestamp: 2008-05-25 21:05:27 UTC

And she said~
dougnat said...

I love the quote about creativity and can't wait to get it!

Yea Natalie!! And also~ can I ask where that user name came from??

So- my weekend~ went to dinner last night, date night before Jeff left for the week. We rented Dan in real life (tried to see baby's mama at the theater, and missed it) Dan in real life- ok. nothing to write home about. could have lived the rest of my life not seeing it!
I have Juno to catch up on over the next week as well- let's hope that has a little more movement in it!

Got Jeff of to his training and I got to RUN! I haven't ran since I busted my ankle up God knows how long ago. Much overdo, and I am sure I will sleep well tonight!!! Yes Amy & JoAnn- I *enjoyed* it!! and will get back into running regularly.

And last, but not least~ here are my projects from yesterday's soldering 101 class at impress.

Wow, what fun! And a tad stressful! I was sitting there taking my time, there were no kids pulling at me and I was enjoying the adult convo and then I realized what time it was! I was sort of behind!
Sarah had whipped through both projects and checked out and I still wasn't done!

This is a super way to use up your scraps~
Both use Basic Grey papers, and the one side is an Angel picture I snatched up there.
Sorry for the less than quality pictures~ not easy to photograph! Pin It Now!


Bev said...

Pretty pretty!

dougnat said...

woohoo!!!! so excited for some new Unity!!! Thank You!!!

my user name dougnat...well it's really creative :) my hubby's name is doug and add nat from my name and viola dougnat!!

Shannan Teubner said...

LOL You gotta see Baby Mama. Hilarious. So, are you gonna teach us how to solder now???

Amy said...

You know, it's really sad when someone has a terrible addiction, and they can't even see that it's a problem. Bwahahaha!

Love ya, AJ!

Tandra said...

Oh AJ those are great!!!

Tandra said...

OH, and tell Shannan to "get the BOOK!!" LOL

denise;) said...

Okay, these are soo KEWL! How fun!!
Thanks for asking about DougNat's user name, i was curious too- glad she won! (i always think of doughnuts when i see her name... sigh).

Oh, Juno is awesome!! I'm still waiting to see Baby Mama too, & Happy running! It IS fun, after you get past the first 20 min... lol!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...


Linsey said...

super cool! Congrats Nat (I already knew that about her name, hehe!) Hugs!