June 28, 2008

Who ever said Dog Days of Summer...

Did NOT live in my house!!! All I have done is RUN, (and not in the exercise sense) my kids here and there and everywhere ( some Dr. Suess for ya!!) this last two weeks. And summer itself was on a mini vacay...it just now finally warmed up enough to wear shorts!!

Anyhoo....Here is my card for Patter's release party sketch she posted.

She had the inverted scallops alllll the way around the base in her sketch, but, just go ahead and *try* doing that!!
I botched it big time!! toooo much measuring, and I am not one for a card that takes that long to make! ;)

love this little penguin guy~ he is one of 3 in the kit. Cute stuff!
Off to my son's Kempo graduation. He is getting his green belt today! and then we *get* to help my dad move! in 80+ degree weather! good times. Pin It Now!


Amber said...

I love it AJ! This turned out really cute with just the small bit of inverted scallops, very cute!

Carrie Gaskin said...

This is great! Oh, I'm in White Rock, BC, just on the Washington state/Canada border....thanks for asking!

Kathy said...

Awww that card is adorable. I love that little penguin! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is my first time finding you, and I'm adding you to my favs :) You have some really nice creations!

Have a great day.

{stampininthesun} said...

AJ, I love the soft grey and light blue with this cute penguin!

Jenn D said...

This is darling! What an adorable penguin.

I hear you on the running everywhere. Yesterday and today we finally stayed home but I am so tired of my kids stuff spreading slowly around the house that we sorted it all into the correct toy bins today.

Good luck with your stamp room cleaning! I have to do that come August to week out old stuff.