July 23, 2008

A few more highlights....

Texas Grammy, JTKShaw and I at the cupcake reception.

Michelle and Meghan with the Unity Crew, our new friends from Michigan!!

Broman *really* likes Mexican food!!!

The folks from Creative Imaginations- they were also staying in our hotel.

Brooke, Angela, & I.

Gus trying out the product.

Me stalking Ali Edwards. again. Ali, if you are reading this, (she reads my blog people!!!!) no worries on that restraining order. ;)

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Linsey said...

hey, you and Ali, together again! Hey, I believe she reads your blog--you rock, gf! What great pics, AJ! thanks for sharin 'em!

Teresa said...

Great pictures, AJ!!! I loved hanging out with you - you're such a sweetie!!!!! ;)

Brooke said...

hey.. i've seen these pics before somewhere??! imagine that. if i was a blog reader i would totally read your blog just like ali does.. ;)

Jenn D said...

I'm sorry we didn't get to run into each other. I was hoping to have seen you there. It was a crazy 2 days. I did run into Sherri, Jeanne, Bev and Sharon though.

I was there with my mom and one of the Unity stamp guys helped us out when the elevator in the garage tried to eat her motorized scooter. LOL! She had knee surgery and all of the walking got to her on Saturday so we brought it along. It was a cause of many laughs the entire day.

How cool that Ali Edwards reads your blog! You are a Superstar!