July 4, 2008

HAPPY 4TH!!!!!

So- I was reading Sharon's Blog and she always has these great little ideas like this bag of poppers. (she used candy, my kids eat enough candy- the LAST thing I am offering up to them is MORE!!!)

And in true kid fashion-they usually just rip right into things, so I tend to simplify any crafting I give to them! ;)

I put stickles on the stars, and originally stamped the star that comes with the set, but decided on adding some dimension, so I punched out a star with my punch instead.

These will no doubt fill the gaps in my grass as they love to pop these starting a week prior to the actual holiday!! The only legal item they can have here at home!!!

Hope you have a fabulous fourth!! Pin It Now!

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Angie Tieman said...

This is sooo cute! Love that bag topper stamp! Sure wish I hadn't hit that link you postd, I think I *need* that Science Fair set, what teacher wouldn't, right?! I just caved last week and joined that Unity Kit of the month club, ugh! I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you off my Google Reader if you don't stop this enabling! lol!