July 23, 2008

He's 9 People!!

My son is 9 today! This is pretty exciting for him, he knows that 10 is next ;) I am not sure I can handle that though!!

He we all are sometime last week playing and trying to get a good picture of us ourselves- a little windy out but he's so happy!!

I have a long list of chores I am trying to get done since getting home- some of which include wrapping his present still.
He wants to head out for pizza tonight, works for me. Have a super day- I am going to be running around getting birthday stuff together for his actual party on Saturday.

tomorrow I will have more CHA pics...so hard to choose which ones I should share....can i get a hip hop!

And my friend Mandy is having a sale at her store, check her out!! Pin It Now!


Mandy said...

Happy birthday to him! What a fun photo!

Shannan Teubner said...

Happy birthday, Will!!

Meridith Anne said...

What a darling picture AJ! Thanks for the b-day wishes...hope your son has a great b-day too!

Linsey said...

Oh, what a sweet shot! Windy or not, you 3 are too cute! Happy Birthday to your big 9 year old boy!!! I bet it'll be a great party on Sat.! :) fun!

Jennifer Buck said...

Happy birthday! How exciting! Hope you had a great time! :)