August 29, 2008

love My buttons

Maren and I were discussing buttons, and her lack of using them, we challenged each other to make a card using buttons.
She whipped one out in no time, and it was cute, then she said she ripped the buttons off and replaced it with bling....her card here. I know Maren loves to use anything involving bling!

we will be coaching her in button usage later!

Jeanne joined in on the action as well...
Here card is here.

Today is the last official day of summer for my son...we are off to wal mart (always a good time- lol!) and then out to lunch to celebrate.

I also got word that another card got picked up by cardmaker mag! Yea!! I love getting those emails! Just wish I could get them more often! ;)

For those of you who live in Thailand...I am heading out to the mall and will see if I can find your shoes.
Happy Last Day Of Summer! Pin It Now!


~amy~ said...

Super sweet card with buttons!!!

Queen of Paper said... the colors on this one ;)

HapEMomE said...

Hi AJ! Love your card! So sweet :) And the other cards are cute too! You girls ROCK! :) Congrats on getting another card published!

Carolina said...

What an adorable card AJ!

Love what you've done with your looks amazing!!!

Amber said...

Super cute, I love buttons too!

Mandy said...

AJ, this is just adorable! I love the varying shades of pink! Hope you had a happy visit to WalMart! ;) Good luck to your son on his first day of school!!

Cyndi said...

too funny! I am personally a button addict ;) Love the card!! I'm off to check out Maren's bling

Maren said...

I used more buttons tonight....thanks for showing me how! I even kept them on! :-)