August 4, 2008

LOVE Seafair!

This is how we spend the first weekend in August around here!

The best part of seeing these fab planes up close is hearing them!! My son loves them and every year he watches them, he decides he is going to fly one "when he grows up"!

These pictures are taken down at Boeing Field- the best view in town is here!!

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Patter Cross said...

Such fun pictures girl! We LOVE the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, etc. My dad flew jets (F-111s and F-4s) so I know that amazing sound all too well. I LOVE it and MISS it very much! :)

Anita said...

I just read this post - I'm so jealous! I watched them practice from work - the 44th floor of One Union Square downtown! And they always were lined up so nice and pretty down at Boeing Field when we passed by on the Sounder Train!