August 23, 2008

so & so loves....

back to cards for ya peeps~
maybe there will be more videos in the future!
Thanks for everyone's nice comments about my future Olympian!

This little ditty is a Jessica Rose image- she creates these fabulously whimsical images that just rock. It has a space on the tree where you can write in initials like AJ {hearts} JO or what ever initials float your boat... ;)

I have been counting down just how many weeks until we leave for Disneyland... I am pretty excited, and no Melissa, you cannot find a mouse and think the kids won't figure out were in Thailand and not Disneyland....ewww.
Less than a month to go, so if you hear me say it a few more times over the course of the next month, sorry!
The kids have NO clue, and we just aren't going to say anything until it's time to leave that morning.

21 days to go!

So my husband is off again, for another fun week of blowing things up kind of training, and I am left home with my stamps. More cards to come! Pin It Now!


~amy~ said...

LOVE your card...I'll have to check out Jessica Rose...very FUN!!

The Moores said...

So listen to this.....I was at the aquarium the other day and they have rats as big as dogs here. So I was thinking instead of Disneyland you should bring them to Thailand and I will borrow a rat and dress it up like Mickey Mouse. SAME SAME!
Problem solved. I get to see my favorite peep and the kids get to see Mickey (Rat) Mouse.

Becky Carafa said...

Love this card, great layout! How fun to surprise your kids, it won't be long now!

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

{LOVE} this card, AJ!! So sweet and simple! I left you an award on my ROCK! {hugs}