August 10, 2008


So- my Paper Trends box *finally* came the other day! Yippee!!!
Good stuff in there!!
my card is on page 12 if you are interested in seeing it!

Here is my card from Friday's Inspirational challenge in the Unity Forum- Case Erin, our Guest DT post for the month. I went with a little dtp on this card. Ever go through phases of colors, layouts, styles, etc? I did 3 cards this last day using dtp. Haven't done it in a long time, and now I can't stop myself!

Dropped my hubby off at the airport this morning- he is on his way to Phoenix. "BEST time of the year to be there" says he! I am not a fan of miserable hot. Thank God he went alone, wouldn't have lasted 3 minutes there!!! 107 tomorrow!!! *and* he is to wear his swat gear while training. ugh!!!
He will get to enjoy the heat of Oklahoma in a few more weeks....any one live there? is it humid? just hot? never been.
later peeps- gotta go enterain children!! :) Pin It Now!


Linsey said...

hey woman! These are fantabulous!!! Love the Erin case, gotta get on that one! ;) Just wanted to let 'cha know that I gave you a major award over at my blog, hehe! It's the BFF Gold Card! :) don't have to play, only if you want, hugs!

Mandy said...

Very very cute! Congrats on the publication!

The Moores said...

Hey what up home slice. love your cards. This is how this works. I stalk your blog now you stalk mine!!! do it now Beotch!!

Heather said...

Ohhh cute card, and looks like you got a fun box of goodies. Congrats on the pub!!

Brooke said...

congrats on your pub there chickie!! awesome!
love your eco card too!!
btw.. MN is perfect right NOW. so get over here and visit already!!!

{stampininthesun} said...

how cute! I LOVE all the DSP!! Thanks for caseing me!!
Congrads on the pub...I'll can't wait to see your card in Cards!!

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Another darling card -- love the buttons!!! And congrats on the PUB!!! Way to go!!!

joslyn said...

congrats. i got the same box of goods this month with cards. it was fun to get that box.