September 6, 2008

And Soccer season has started!

Today is kickoff for soccer season around here...Pictures {x2} games, will be an all day event!

This is my baby- first year! {This is for you Mimi!}
She is not into anything but pink, so for her to wear black and orange- she loves the game! She is #5.

Her type A personality makes her a bit on the competitive side!
They played a scrimmage match the other night, and she yelled the whole way home she was so upset!

I am scrambling to get everything together before we leave in a week...check back real soon for some giveaways- still have lots to share!

have a good saturday! Pin It Now!


Amy said...

What a doll! Type A personality--I wonder where she gets that????

~amy~ said...

What a cutie pie! Yup, it is that time of year moms unite! Both of my kids play :)