September 24, 2008

A few highlights from our trip...

These are from day one.... 1 picture) us in the park. 2 & 3) the excited kids waiting oh so patiently at the airport.... 4) Lauren's first airplane ride, and Will's infectious cheese grin

5 & 6)
At John Wayne airport waiting for our shuttle to the hotel.

The first picture with Goofy!!

8, 9, & 10)

Will at the Jedi training academy- that was one of the coolest shows they had! He was able to fight Darth Maul- the actors were so great!
and of course last but not least-

MINNIE MOUSE! That is one of the highlights- meeting the characters! although Will wasn't as excited! ;) must be his age.

we had a blast- I have a few more to share ;) but will not bore you with them all!

In other fabulous news- Paper Crafts picked up TWO of my cards! YEA!!!!
See you tomorrow for HIP HOP!!!!
I will have a visible picture this time! :) Pin It Now!


Mandy said...

What FANTASTIC pictures! So much fun!

Jenn said...

So fun, thanks for sharing AJ.

I miss Disneyland now.

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

Great pics!! Looks like you got the 'good' Darth Maul...that guy was hilarious, snarling at people and trying to get them 'riled up' :) The Jedi training is one of our favorite parts!! We never miss it, and I can't wait until one of my boys is big enough to want to join in!

Amy said...

Those are great pictures! I didn't know you had a Minnie Mouse costume! {wink}

Linsey said...

eeek! How much fun was that! You guys look like you had a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing some pics--I'm sure there are about a ton more...better get scrapping, girlie! lol! Glad to have you back! :)

Ashley said...

Super fun pictures! I love them!