September 1, 2008

My card is late!

Monday's a mini card challenge today~
I wasn't home at ALL yesterday to hear what Maren, Amber, & Jennifer decided on for a I am here now!! :)

The challenge ended up being a "mini" card less than 3.5 x 3.5 and that is a teeny amount of space to work with!! So in true CAS fashion, I whipped out a epls (that's for you Buck!)

Go check out what there versions of mini cards!

in other great and late breaking husband is finally home from all of his trainings!!
Yea! Maybe school will help create a better routine again!!
and as for my countdown...13 days to Disneyland!
Anyone have any brilliant ideas to help keep the secret from the kids???? My son will totally figure it out once we hit the airport.... Pin It Now!


Maren said...

Super cute!! I love the layout!! No help with secrets here....I can't keep Christmas presents from my kidos! How exciting!! :-)

Angie Tieman said...

Very cute!!

Amber said...

Love this, that paper is so cute! OMG Disney? How fun, have a great time trying to keep it a secret;)

Karen W said...

This is adorable and looks so cool and inviting, so hot and humid here today, welcome relief!!

Tiffany Johnson said...

This is way cute and I love that gingham ribbon peeking out from the side!

Mandy said...

Disneyland? How FUN! And what a great surprise for the kids! Your card is super cute, by the way! Love the little ribbons!

Savor the Journey said...

Wonderful creation, AJ!
Love it all!


Jennifer Buck said...

OOOOOOOHHHHHH! This is the cutest ever! :) LOVE it, AJ!