September 13, 2008

My soccer star!

Game one for my youngest...I love the look of determination on her face.
You know she loves the game since she is wearing orange & black- her least favorite colors. ;)
She did well, and wasn't too upset about "not winning" this time- she managed to have fun, cheer her team on, and played most of the game. She got knocked around a bit, pushed down once, and never complained- hopped right back up, shook it off, and went back to it!

She's definitely the more competitive one of my two kids!! ;)

Dad took them to run errands so I can pack, and secretly stress out about pulling it all off for tomorrow!!

Disneyland here we come! :)

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1 comment:

Ashley said...

I can't see your pictures and that makes me sad.

I also am giving you a shout out on my blog. The post will go live at midnight. Have fun in Disneyland!