September 17, 2008

Some RAK's and a present!

I got this fabulous card from Becky the day before we left! THANKS Becky!! You are so great at remembering to send everyone in our HUGE group a card on their day!!!

The second if from Teresa- Another fabulous RAK!! She is the sweetest!! Thanks Teresa- I know it's tough finding stamping time while you teach full time!!

The last picture is my birthday present from my bff in Thailand- isn't is gorgeous!?! I love it- it's hand painted and has so much detail! She also sent the kids each some fun things- always so exciting to open up a box from another country!

Check in tomorrow for HIP HOP!!!!!
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Angel said...

Can only see the 1st pic. :-( But love that RAK!

Jen E. said...

this is so simple and cute!