August 29, 2008

love My buttons

Maren and I were discussing buttons, and her lack of using them, we challenged each other to make a card using buttons.
She whipped one out in no time, and it was cute, then she said she ripped the buttons off and replaced it with bling....her card here. I know Maren loves to use anything involving bling!

we will be coaching her in button usage later!

Jeanne joined in on the action as well...
Here card is here.

Today is the last official day of summer for my son...we are off to wal mart (always a good time- lol!) and then out to lunch to celebrate.

I also got word that another card got picked up by cardmaker mag! Yea!! I love getting those emails! Just wish I could get them more often! ;)

For those of you who live in Thailand...I am heading out to the mall and will see if I can find your shoes.
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August 27, 2008

Hip HOP!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning Hip HOPPERS!!!!!!

I have a special treat for you this morning...not only is it my card, but my kids like to hip hop as well!

You can only imagine just how hip hop actually sounds when it's coming from Chris...(I am hoping this prompts him to get in front of a video and show you all how it's done!)

And after you hear it a few times, it's tricky like a commercial, and it's stuck in your head....So my kids have probably heard me more than a few times say it!!!
There are some deals for you today as far as hip hop Thursday goes:

*ONE PENNY for Trifle Sentiments with orders OVER $20.00 {before shipping} ONE SET PER ORDER!
WOW! Present from "It's a Party" - 4.00
*Dazzling Departure Butterfly from BUTTERFLY Beauty - 2.50
*Cheery Santa from Holiday Cheer - $4.00
*Vintage Emblems from Vintage Blue Bells - 2.50
*Slim Vase from Bouquets of Blessings - 3.00
*NEW RELEASE is "Sweet ZZZ's" by Jessica Rose.

*ALSO! If you are placing your FIRST ORDER with Unity Stamp Company you get a FREE "So & So Loves...." They just need to write FIRST ORDER in the discount area at the bottom of the page when they order!

*Also as an ADDED BONUS just this week, every order will have one of our MYSTERY SURPRISE Stamps in their box with EVERY ORDER on HIP HOP THURSDAY!!!! Just our way of SAYING THANK YOU for continued support of Unity

Now get hopping on over to Heather's blog and find out where you go from there! Pin It Now!

And the winner is.....Random Integer Generator Here are your random numbers: 11 Timestamp: 2008-08-27 18:13:05 UTC

For yesterday's give away....

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-08-27 18:13:05 UTC

Looks like Colleen!!! Email your info so I can mail this off to you!

I already have a pile of stuff ready to go again!!

Make sure you check out ACWP- Sharon is having a sale!
and she has a new site!

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August 26, 2008

More House Cleaning...

Ok, so I am slowly going through my office and cleaning out stuff I don't need/use and am trying to pass it along....I have a PILE of stamps that I am in need of selling as well...I will update that list again if anyone is in need of some stamps. ;)

Here is a reject from Cards last month...I still like the card though!!! It uses Love is toxic, and MM shimmery alpha stickers, and Icons. The ribbon and paper are SU!
I think it's a cute "tween" card! since I don't have any tweens though....I could be wrong!

So..if you could use the stamps, (from pink paislee) flowers, (prima) & paper pad (which may have a sheet or two missing) leave a comment here and I will draw a name tomorrow some time. :) Pin It Now!

August 25, 2008

it's Monday, start the countdown!

Till school starts next week!! YIPPPPEEEE!
I mean don't get me wrong, I love my kids, I just love being able to run to the grocery store with our someone following along 12 paced behind picking things up and asking "Mom can we get this?"

And it doesn't help that my husband has put in for every possible out of state training he can find. He is in Oklahoma this week blowing things up again.
Also-we have some weather issues this week...Usually August is pretty darn hot and very much enjoyable...It's been like October this last two weeks and I had to put socks on the other day!
Oh well.....soon we will be in the warm Anaheim weather, hopefully our normal PNW comes back soon!!

on to the cards...The first is for the CPS sketch #79. I took some liberty with it and moved my flower to the left...The second card is from Shannan!! As amazing as it is, she not only managed to get this card in the mail to me, I managed to share it! ;)
both things are issues we are working on!!!

I am stilllllll cleaning out my office, I will find some more stuff to give away here!!!
For now I have to go see why my son is asking for his toenails to be painted.... {insert confused look here!} Pin It Now!

August 23, 2008

so & so loves....

back to cards for ya peeps~
maybe there will be more videos in the future!
Thanks for everyone's nice comments about my future Olympian!

This little ditty is a Jessica Rose image- she creates these fabulously whimsical images that just rock. It has a space on the tree where you can write in initials like AJ {hearts} JO or what ever initials float your boat... ;)

I have been counting down just how many weeks until we leave for Disneyland... I am pretty excited, and no Melissa, you cannot find a mouse and think the kids won't figure out were in Thailand and not Disneyland....ewww.
Less than a month to go, so if you hear me say it a few more times over the course of the next month, sorry!
The kids have NO clue, and we just aren't going to say anything until it's time to leave that morning.

21 days to go!

So my husband is off again, for another fun week of blowing things up kind of training, and I am left home with my stamps. More cards to come! Pin It Now!

August 22, 2008

Wanted to try something fun....

I haven't shared too much if my family on here because I figured nobody really cared too much.... but to avoid having to start a family blog and trying to maintain that as well....I am going to just share some family stuff here....{Melissa this is for you}

My daughter (only 4!) has just recently started going off the diving board at the pool, and is now hooked! She asks daily to go swimming. Proud mom moment, but I am thinking 2020 will be her year at the Olympics!! ;)
What do you think?

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August 21, 2008

Hip Hop!!

Yep- It's Thursday again...You know what that means...

I think that this tree has become quite popular...MANY people are requesting it as a single.....

and today you can get it as a single!
-Dream Tree

-There is also a new single being released today...
and it is fabulous! love it!! Can not wait to get my hands on that one!!

-10% off all orders *again* today! use code HIPHOP (case sensitive)

-There is a Hip Hop Thursday single for one cent as well...

-some body is offering up blog candy find it you will have to follow the links to the next blog!

And again Angela will be giving away free stuff all day like she is good at doing! ;)

Here is my take on the tree....I have seen it like this for Halloween and Christmas....I like how versatile it is...this is also for the CPS sketch this week- maybe I can remember to link it up to CPS for once!

ok- make sure to stop on by Laura's blog next!! Pin It Now!

August 20, 2008

Sketch Challenge 190 and an award

Happy Hump Day!

While I shouldn't complain about the weather, I will!
I know that some of the gals are bracing for Hurricane Fay and have *really* bad weather coming in....But this is August in the PNW and we are *supposed* to be having warm sunshine sort of days....not preparing for FLOODS!

ok- on to the card-
for today's sketch challenge, pretty basic stuff here- Unity Stamps, Glitz Designs Patterned papers. (Brooke and I raided their stash at CHA!) Great stuff!

And Mandy left this little award for me on her blog! how so very nice of her!!! She has a great online store that carries dome of the great stuff out there- and Unity Stamps! ;)

I am supposed to pass this are the rules:
1. The winner can put the logo on their blog
2. Link the person you received your award from
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.

ok- So I would never be able to limit it to 7....

1) Melissa- (still trying to get her some love people!) leave her a comment on her blog! She is alone in Thailand with no friends!
2) Maren
3) Angela
4) Joslyn
5) ALL of the great LADIES!
6) Angie

now- hopefully I remember to tell all of them! ;)
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August 19, 2008

Color Challenge 180

let's get the paper out of here~

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-08-19 21:07:19 UTC

shoot me an email with your info please!

Here's a quickie for today's Color Challenge using Unity's KOTM- Remember Happiness.
That Jessica Rose is pretty darn awesome!!

Thanks to you all who left comments on Melissa's blog- Feel free to harass her regularly! ;)
She is still getting used to living in a foreign country with no friends....
and did you see that yukky centipede picture??? eeew. Pin It Now!

August 18, 2008

Happy Monday...

Today's card is a simple one- my favorite kind...

So...I have been trying to clean and purge a lot of stuff I don't really use anymore~ and instead of just throwing it away...I thought I would see if anybody is interested in the two scoops stuff shown here.
I tend to overbuy when I like part of the line...I talk myself into how I need all of it and then never use it up...So here is a huge amount of brads, fibers, buttons, and the paper pad.
Want it? Leave a comment and I will choose a name if there is enough interest~ no players form Thailand- sorry. ;)

while your at it, can you leave another comment for my bff in Thailand who is not updating her blog regularly and let her know we want daily posts with new pictures. :)

Check back again for more purging- I have a lot I am in need of getting rid of~ Pin It Now!

August 16, 2008

Thanks Maren!

Last time I met up with Maren she had already stamped some of these cute Gizmos & Gears for me with out me mentioning how much I loved them!!
They match the Cogsmo paper so well!! (I have a ton of it to use up!)

This is for the LAD sketch of the week- *although it said to add some bling* I really had this in my head already...
never enough boy birthday cards.

So- here it is, no bling, but I like it!

I looked at the Calendar last night...two weeks and my son goes back to school.... is it ok to do cartwheels?!?
;) Then in 3 my daughter starts her pre-k program...
:) double cartwheels!'s another 96 degree day here. We are heading out to a family bbq at my in-laws house on the lake- one way to keep cool. ;)

ETA: my bff moved to Thailand a while back, and apparently is in need of some love on her blog....

can you spare a minute a leave her a comment so she feels like someone is reading her blog:) Pin It Now!

August 14, 2008

Can I get a Hip Hop!?

Ok- those of you who don't know what Hip Hop is....need to hop on over to the member forums on SCS and check out the fun Angela has cooked up~ LOTS of free stuff...and the last blog on your hip hop schedule for today will have some fun for you as well!

To celebrate Unity's first Hip Hop Thursday- Angela is offering 10% off all orders ALL day! And, I hear there is a new single being released!!! There will be random prizes through out the day, and prizes to those who have been playing in the go check it out!

The cards- These are both for yesterday's sketch challenge, and I loved how Jennifer used this tree with booglie eyes, and I love how versatile it is. I stamped it in grey and added some Christmas bling!
The second is the sketch flipped on it's side and uses the "leave a trail" single.

We are off to the beach today....enjoy hopping on over to Erin's blog next!!!! Pin It Now!

August 13, 2008

CAS strikes again!

Morning Peeps! quick post.

It' supposed to be hot today...I am debating hiding in the theater with the kids. Anyone seen Wall-E? Is it worth my time?

This is one of those EPLS cards as Jennifer would call it. The sentiment is from Unity, tag is MM, Ribbon is AC, and the paper was from one of my kits...scribble scrabble?

Soccer starts tonight for my littlest...should be fun to watch~ She has been patiently waiting since May. Pin It Now!

August 10, 2008


So- my Paper Trends box *finally* came the other day! Yippee!!!
Good stuff in there!!
my card is on page 12 if you are interested in seeing it!

Here is my card from Friday's Inspirational challenge in the Unity Forum- Case Erin, our Guest DT post for the month. I went with a little dtp on this card. Ever go through phases of colors, layouts, styles, etc? I did 3 cards this last day using dtp. Haven't done it in a long time, and now I can't stop myself!

Dropped my hubby off at the airport this morning- he is on his way to Phoenix. "BEST time of the year to be there" says he! I am not a fan of miserable hot. Thank God he went alone, wouldn't have lasted 3 minutes there!!! 107 tomorrow!!! *and* he is to wear his swat gear while training. ugh!!!
He will get to enjoy the heat of Oklahoma in a few more weeks....any one live there? is it humid? just hot? never been.
later peeps- gotta go enterain children!! :) Pin It Now!

August 6, 2008

shake your tail feathers baby!

Another clean and simple card for you...I made this one using one of my fave techniques found here.
I am not so much a technique person, but every once in a while, I just love this one.

This was one of Unity's newest releases last month and the cute birds have so much detail in them.

Paper is DCWV, ribbon is AC, and the blue strip is the new blue from SU! I think this was also a DTGD challenge as well- I did a lot of them, didn't quite get them all done...may keep working on them if I find the time!

Well- another boiling day today...90 degrees. For us it's boiling! We spent all of yesterday at the beach, today we may just take shelter somewhere with ac! Pin It Now!

August 4, 2008

LOVE Seafair!

This is how we spend the first weekend in August around here!

The best part of seeing these fab planes up close is hearing them!! My son loves them and every year he watches them, he decides he is going to fly one "when he grows up"!

These pictures are taken down at Boeing Field- the best view in town is here!!

more stampy things coming tomorrow!! Pin It Now!