April 18, 2009

I am the only one....

Who has to say EVERYTHING at least 3 times before my kids hear it? And then....they say...HUH? so I get to repeat it yet again....please tell me I am not!

Ok- on to the scrapping- I sort of had this in my head all week and I think now the pattern paper in the back might be a bit too much, maybe should have went with white only....but since the challenge was to use pattern paper....I did!
What do you think? Maybe I will have another go at it later-

Here is the sketch- the challenge is to use pattern paper in your layout-
and my finished project- I thought that the black and white photo would work with the pattern paper...still not sure on the dots though. must be my affection for white space getting in the way!

make sure you give it a try and link back!
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neverenoughrubberstamps said...

When it comes to kids, I think they must get trained not to hear my their Fathers. Ever notice how Men have trouble hearing us as well? LOL

Re: layout....
I think it's a great page!
When it comes to scrapbook pages, I personally think less is more.
I like simple.
It's funny, because when I make cards, I tend to make them a little busy at times.
Either way, it's good to change it up sometimes.



P.S. I enjoy your blog!

Rebecca Ednie said...

my kid has ADD, you can't imagine how many times I have to tell him stuff. My trick? Make them stop, look you in the eyes, 'no, right in my eyes!', then give them the instruction and make them say 'yes mom' after to prove they were listening! Works most of the time! As fir the page, I really like the dots! Very cute, white would have been too Boring!

Ashley said...

Very cute AJ!

StampinCathy said...

That's were the saying comes from...Third Times A Charm! LOL
Your layout is fanatic and love the dp you used.

Scrapycandy said...

Huh? I know that quite well! LOL!

Lisa H. said...

great page. I think the paper looks good and I like the black and white photo since there is alot of color going on in the background.
my kids are the same way and it drives me nuto! I have all boys, so I thought it was just the male gene (DH is the same way), maybe it's just most kids. LOL!

joslyn said...

i think i have trained my kids not to listen until i get mad. stinks.