November 3, 2009

on to the Holiday season!

I had hoped to be much more productive once both kids were in school, but I am not! My daughter is having some major separation issues which we can't seem to nail down and I am at the school what seems like ALL DAY lately! Poor kid, came home with the reddest of eyes today. So, obviously, I am spending a little more time there than at home lately and am not quite as "productive" as I hoped!! :)

So, if you get the Lizzie Anne Monthly Mix newsletter- you may have already seen this. I used the November MM Christmas Wishes.
It's a jarred candle, and in a matter of 10 minutes, (8 if you can tie your bows better faster!) you will have one holiday gift ready to go!

I used some MME Christmas paper and wrapped it around, and also on the lid. Wrapped some ribbon and silver cord, added a tag and- One gift down! It's nice to have a few smaller items, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, anything last minute!!

And since I am all about having no time lately....anything I can do to get ahead!! Pin It Now!


the whimsical butterfly said...

This is ADORABLE!!! For 10 minutes this is seriously FANTASTIC! I sure hope you can get to the bottom of what's been going on at school, etc. Poor thing :( So hard to be a Mom sometimes, isn't it? I'm thinking of you!

Kelly Landers said...

AJ what a cute and quick project!! I feel for your lack of time to create, but this will pass with your daughter eventually, I just wish I had a suggestion to give you that might work. You are doing the right thing by being there for her! Enjoy the times when she needs you. They grow so fast!

HighDesertGal said...

I love your creations. All of them! Remember, she won't always want you...I went through this in 4th grade with my daughter...and now she's a mom; going to grad school, tutoring, has a husband in grad school...AND a 13 mo old baby with separation issues. It could be worse. LOL

Linda said...

That is caute chirstmas box!!