January 18, 2010

monday chicks!

What a busy weekend! I am so glad I have today to rest.

We went to see a puppy Bugg, part boston terrier, part pug. The kids have been wanting a dog for a while, so they saved up and are getting one in 2 weeks!

HERE he is!!

We looked at the pound, and after having "rescued" 2 dogs prior which did NOT turn out well at all, (one attacked and bit me :( we opted for this little guy. He's 7 weeks, so we won't bring him home until the end of the month.

ok- so here is the crafty stuff! We are doing Valentines again today- Last year I didn't make that many, but his year I have already made quite a few-

Stamps are unity- and paper is basic grey-

Make sure to check out the rest-
Amber, Brookie, Jeanne, Jimmi, & Maren.

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Amber said...

AJ! That baby bugg is SO FRICKEN CUTE! OMG I've never seen one, he's adorable:) Got a name for him/her yet? You still have the bulldog don't you?

Love your card too, the kraft and pink combo is AWESOME!

Rona said...

What a little cutie!! How big will he get? My little yorkie poo is 6 pounds but he is so old and is having lots of health problems I keep thinking that when he goes I don't want another dog but then I see cute little puppies like this one and I just wonder how we could ever stand not having a little guy running around! Your card is too sweet!

Julie Campbell said...

Ahhh! He is SO cute! We have a Boston Terrier & he's the BEST thing we could have done for our boys. I kept putting off getting a dog... thinking it would be too much work... but he's been awesome! I don't know if the Pugg/B. Terrier mix is the same... but if so --- you'll be SO happy that you got him! :)

Shannan Teubner said...

What a cute boy! I grew up with Bostons and LOVEEEE them. (just watch the digging...)

the whimsical butterfly said...

You are getting him!!! HOORAY!!!!! OMG WHAT A SWEET LITTLE FACE!!! yes, sorry abotu the all-caps...I'm screaming for you! LOVE LOVE LOVE the dog...and the card is cute too, LOL. J/k-LOVE the embossing and the polka dots!

Taylor said...

Ok - that puppy is a love machine! How darling!!! And your card is super cute too!

jennifer mitten said...

Love that card ! How could anyone resist the puppy face? What a cutie!!

Jenny Gropp said...

OMG -- that little puppy face. CUTE!!!!
Great card too, love the kraft as usual -- you do it perfectly!!!