March 1, 2010

warning- I'm chatty today!!

It's March. ALREADY!?
Some times Monday's are my favorite day. The kids head back to school and the house is mine again. Well, mine and Axel's. ;)

This is the chair he has claimed.

Could he be any more adorable??

Ok- so, I know so many of you read the Pioneer Woman Blog- How many of you actually use her recipes? I try as many as I can. Drip Beef. The name alone was soooo enticing.

I sort of followed the recipe- (that's usually how I roll anyways) I added beef bouilon and the italian seasoning, but not the pepperoncini's. Only because I didn't have any. That was all though, and can I say- this is a NEW family FAVE. my son and husband LOVED every bit of it. It totally fell apart in your mouth! Have you tried any of her recipes that you want to recommend?
an 8 thumbs up from us!

ok- Yep, I did stamp this weekend. Mostly cleaned and organized though. I am selling my Big Shot if any one is interested- and ALL the dies/spacers I own that go with it as well. $100.
I am thinking I will probably use my new Wizard more now!! ;)

back to the card-
Today's challenge was to use ribbon. Pretty easy peasy one. I did use ribbon, just not a ton! I used the NEW dear Lizzy Fabric Backed paper for my card. (That happens when you clean, you find those piles of things "to use"!) American Crafts is one of my FAVORITE paper companies. LOVE LOVE it!
This is one of my go to layouts for cards. I think I have more cards with this layout than I do card stock!

make sure to check out the rest-
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Also- don't forget I am going to draw a name from on of my followers for a copy of this. Pin It Now!


Eulouise said...

What you call "drip" beef, we call "Italian" beef. First learned about it when we lived in Springfield, Illinois. We, too, love it. But in my opinion, the pepperoncini peppers make the dish. I pull the stems up and slice them and add them about an hour before serving. Enjoy.

Latisha said...

Love that paper!! What a super sweet card.

Jennifer Buck said...

Cute! :) Love that paper!

Julie Campbell said...

I made PW's beef too--- and it's AMAZING!!! You HAVE to try her Cajun Chicken Pasta. Oh my. It's soooo good! :)

BonnieRose said...

beautiful card AJ... love it.. so simple and oh so cute!

BonnieRose said...

beautiful card AJ... love it.. so simple and oh so cute!

Maren said...

Adorable card!!!! :) That pup is darn cute too. :)

Tiffany said...

Sweet card, love all the blues and the polka-dots! Mondays are my absolute fav!! I am the most productive for some reason!

Cynthia said...

Nice design and color.
ahhhh your dog is toooo cute...what a face :)

the whimsical butterfly said...

I am going to have to warn you next time to post pup pics at the end b/c once I see him I forget everything else, LOL! TOOOOO sweet! Yummy din din-I missed my invite lol ;) jk-if you liked that try her cowboy sandwiches too-they ROCK! LOVE your Dad card-I need to work on some man cards myself!

Morissa Sweeney (SCS - stampinsweeney) said...

Love the soft colors!

Courtney Baker said...

Your dog is totally too cute! So sweet. Love your card too!

CoreyW said...

I found your blog on SCS - we have a lot in common! I'm *originally* from WA (now live in OK), have a boston terrier, LOVE PW recipes (made the drip beef last week and my kids devoured it), and love to stamp and scrap! wow!

and - most of the recipes of PW's we've tried have been hits - lasagna, chicken spaghetti, fried chicken, enchiladas, and so many more - you really can't go wrong!

anyway - love your blog and creations - tfs with us!