June 16, 2010

School's out!

Sorry for my absence lately...Today is the last day of school! We finally have been getting some nice weather here and are finishing off soccer, art classes, volunteer luncheons, field trips, science club, 5th grade celebration, pta events, field day, etc, etc.

Lauren and her field day painted face

Yesterday my daughter got to meet her *new* 1st grade teacher. After ALL the issues she had earlier this year, she is finally happy and loving school. She is actually not wanting a whole summer break!

Will, enjoying his field day Popsicle and class shirt

And my son, is finally going to be a 5th grader. Top rung. King of the hill. all that sort of BMOC sort of thing...he's excited also. He is contemplating all the activities he is going to participate in next year.
I am pretty lucky to have such awesome kids! :)

Enough blah blah blah! In my non mom time, (which hasn't been much lately!) I have been super busy working on CHA release stuff- lots of great things coming up! :)

I will be back tomorrow with Hip HOP!

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lynn said...

sweet kid pics, aj:)