September 10, 2010

Stampin' Store kit time

Happy Saturday- at this time I am enjoying a fabulous girls weekend showing an out of state friend the fabulous city of Seattle!  ;)

We ended our summer with a week long camping trip in our house on this months store kit- all about the journey was a prefect chance to get those pictures scrapped!

This is the front cover... I opted for a mini clip to hold it all together instead of binding it.

pages 1 and 2.  My extremely handsome son, (yep, proud mama) sitting in a tree.  They climbed the trees everyday- they were the "perfect" tree climbing type I'm told. 
The next page is them holding their prized "tumbleweeds".  We live in the city, not the desert...these types of things are exciting to them! ;)

We camped at Potholes State park- which is this HUGE reservoir- gorgeous backdrops also.  We had several days of 90+ weather so we rented some jetskis for fun of course!

Here is not the last page, but where I left off!!  I have about 10 more pages to fill in I will share more when it's finished!  This is just our week at a glance- the kids actually took time to write in their journals each days events...I was a little surprised by that!  It will be awesome to read in 10 years though!! ;)

have a fabulous weekend! Pin It Now!


jennifer mitten said...

What a fabulous idea - I am totally in love with this kit (at first sight)!

Scrapcollectr said...

Great lil' album. Looks like it was so fun to put together. TFS!