March 20, 2013

More Market Street Stamps cards

Happy Hump day and first day of spring!  We have been having the typical pre-spring weather around here  lately, until TODAY.  It's a grab your ark and load up the animals sort of day out there!

 I have a few cards over on the Market Street Stamps blog today, so I figured I would share them here as well! 

for the details, you can pop on over there and check them all out! :)

have a great first day of spring, were fore-casted for more winds, heavy rains and then thunder and lightning tomorrow!

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Jingle said...

These are very pretty!

richardbreaks said...

Love the feather, love the washi, love the staples. This is awesome. I also like your water in the vase. You rock!

Ravengirl said...

Grab your ark for sure! We had no power at school for two hours...that's more excitement than anybody needs!

Your cards look great!

DoBea A. said...

These are beautiful cards!

Christy said...

Pretty purple card